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It used to be that setting up a home theater was pretty simple. The biggest question was "do we really need to buy a chair for mom since she won't be sitting around too much anyway."

Those days are long gone. Today you have to be concerned with things like sound proofing, lighting, family usage, automated control, and seating for all, mom included.

A home theater can be as complex or as simple as you care to make it. There are a host of options available to you, and good planning is the key. When you're ready to begin your home theater project, we will sit down with you at no charge, discuss your wants, needs and budget, and give you a proposal on a theater that will serve you and your family for a long time. We have experienced installers and equipment from some of the industry's leading manufacturers. In the mean time, here are some things to consider to help you get started.

  • Are you interested in a true "theater-style" room, or a multi-use family room?
  • Are you comfortable having speakers and equipment in view, or must they be out of sight?
  • How many people should your room accommodate?
  • Is this a room where you will do casual TV, like watching the news?
  • To what degree is automation important? Will your receiver's remote control be sufficient, or would you like to control all your room's functions from a single place?
  • Are there adjacent rooms, including above and below, that might be bothered by loud music or movies?
  • To what degree will "music-only" listening be a part of this room's function?
  • Do you need to store media?

And many other considerations. Your home theater doesn't have to be complicated. Whether you just want to add a TV and surround sound to your existing family room, or plan a new-construction theater room, call us; we'll help guide you through all your options and present you with a plan and complete installation of the perfect room for you and your family. ​​​

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